Desire of the Everlasting Hills

For books that really hit, I’ve decided to process them a little further in my summary, so others can see what’s inside without doing the work. My goal for these is simple – to get people to buy the book. In that spirit, let’s get started. Promise, I’ll keep it short. Indeed, if you want

What’s Going On?

The problem with blogs is that they have dates on them. 🙂 It’s 2022! Wow Blogs are a tough business! I know that last year I kinda (well, totally) stopped posting because I decided to focus on two things – my upcoming Kickstarter and my writing. Both are incredible timesinks so, please understand. If you

Intrinsic Worth

This is a ~20′ Reniell Boat with the engine included, and I can get it to you for a low price! Just kidding. I took this picture in downtown Seattle on Elliott Ave, near the campus of Expedia and that cool Amgen Helix bridge that leads to the still-lovely Centennial Park. This part of Seattle

Why Philosophy Matters…more now than ever

Yeah, it’s been a tough stretch. What it shows is a lack of connection to each other, a loss of that mental model that bonds us to the community and the world. Therefore, we at HappyWisdom have decided that Philosophy is the cure. Philosophy at its best provides a structure and framework to start with. It turns out that our generation isn’t the first to come upon these issues.

By Diliff - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Learning in the Time of Crisis

A Reflection on C.S. Lewis’s Learning in the Time of War In 1939, C.S. Lewis was invited to preach at St. Mary the Virgin Church in Oxford to address a nation thrown into World War II. The scene couldn’t have been more dramatic: the Oxford scholar and war veteran standing at the podium of a