The Grind

Sorry for the months off – but I do have news that relates to the topic of grit. The first edition of my new novella, shown above. WOOT! It’s in beta, and I’m not charging for it right now, so if you want to understand how to get unstuck in life, get your goals, and

Saudade – A word for humankind

I’ve spent a few more hours than I care to admit feeling Saudade about the many things in life. From as profound as a loss of a friend to the impactul artistry of the Avengers, it captures the emotion perfectly. It is a brilliant word. Saudade, per Wikipedia, is described as “the love that remains”

Keep your feet to yourself

It’s been a busy Spring, trying to polish off the final portions of a book based on the SPARC model. But for now, check out this little fellow. I think he summarizes what the laws should be. Keep your stinky feet away from me! This lady’s freedoms ended at the beginning of this kid’s nose.