Welcome to my passion project, HappyWisdom.com!

What  is this site all about?  

This site, and my mission, is to connect people to ideas that make their lives better.

Let’s dissect the name:

Happiness is not the state of being happy, but of a deep satisfaction with life. Wisdom is not a guru on top a mountain, chanting slogans from a far, but a person down in the weeds of life who has something to share from experience.

I have a belief that we must leave love behind, like little power pellets, for others to pick up.  HappyWisdom.com will have those pellets. We are incredibly interdependent, and the world is far more complex than we give it credit for. I believe that every person is a complex system, an ever adapting creature.  As such, we must leverage techniques from complexity science, systems thinking, positive psychology, design thinking, and whatever else I find out there to help the Everyman.

I’m an agile coach by my day job, and all day, every day I see incredible tools being brought to bear on the complex problems of business. Why not the individual?  I seek to generate value by creating content that makes your life ( and mine) easier with easy to use tools. 

I believe everyone is different, so what works for one person may not for the other.  Therefore I create tools that people can assemble themselves for what works for them.

I don’t blow smoke – the stuff I’m putting out is backed by some research, my experience, and trusted sources.

I believe in God, but you don’t have to to get stuff out of this. I believe that God’s wisdom can help us all. He wants us to live maximally. 

I’m not about doing this alone – join me in the search for bringing humanity into the next stage.  We always wish that life came with a users manual, but what if that’s simply not the right question?  We should be wishing that we had the right mentors and tools at the right times in our lives so that we didn’t have learn everything the hard way,

Alan Watts once said that living live is about enjoying the music of life. It isn’t about the crescendo at the end, but about the music in the midst of life.  Reach high for that brass ring (yes!) but enjoy the process.  That’s what HappyWisdom is all about.