Religion & Dune

Dune 2 is a fantastic movie, one I would put up next to Oppenheimer any day of the week. Now that Oppenheimer has won best picture, it’s clear how highly I think of that film. Having read the book, I knew that going in that the Dune universe wasn’t big on fundamentalism, but I never… Continue reading Religion & Dune

Laws of Life

Life works on a few laws, observations gleaned from organizational management. Some of these Laws are very useful for every day life. The first one is Metcafe’s Law aka there are too many people on this team! Why didn’t the family know this? etc. Per wikipedia, Metcalfe’s law states that the financial value or influence of… Continue reading Laws of Life

Apologies & Clarification

So I messed up and I’m still not sure how. You see, I run this blog and an unrelated product, called GamerSusan. It’s a fun product for board gamers. Think a lazy susan but for board games! You can check that out here, but if you’re not into that, and got an email, or vice… Continue reading Apologies & Clarification

Not Dead Yet!

So you’re wondering – why hasn’t this Happy Wisdom guy posted in a while? Well, big news. The HappyWisdom podcast is on the way! We’re tackling the big topics first, starting with faith and modern life. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned along the way, and eventually have some guests. In a highly complex… Continue reading Not Dead Yet!

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Philosophy Anyone?

Did you know you know that there’s a good chance that Plato read Moses? Or that the concept of the Atom predates science by thousands of years? My training is in Engineering and then Organizational Development. We don’t get much into the humanities, so I’ve had to engage the philosophy/theology track on my own. I… Continue reading Philosophy Anyone?

What’s Going On?

The problem with blogs is that they have dates on them. 🙂 It’s 2022! Wow Blogs are a tough business! I know that last year I kinda (well, totally) stopped posting because I decided to focus on two things – my upcoming Kickstarter and my writing. Both are incredible timesinks so, please understand. If you… Continue reading What’s Going On?

Intrinsic Worth

This is a ~20′ Reniell Boat with the engine included, and I can get it to you for a low price! Just kidding. I took this picture in downtown Seattle on Elliott Ave, near the campus of Expedia and that cool Amgen Helix bridge that leads to the still-lovely Centennial Park. This part of Seattle… Continue reading Intrinsic Worth

Why Philosophy Matters…more now than ever

Yeah, it’s been a tough stretch. What it shows is a lack of connection to each other, a loss of that mental model that bonds us to the community and the world. Therefore, we at HappyWisdom have decided that Philosophy is the cure. Philosophy at its best provides a structure and framework to start with. It turns out that our generation isn’t the first to come upon these issues.

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