Not Dead Yet!

So you’re wondering – why hasn’t this Happy Wisdom guy posted in a while? Well, big news. The HappyWisdom podcast is on the way! We’re tackling the big topics first, starting with faith and modern life. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned along the way, and eventually have some guests. In a highly complex world no topic stands alone. It’ll start with faith, but already have an episode on Complexity, a fun topic that I have formal training on and couldn’t be more relevant than today.

The first episode – Who are you? Deals with the formation of your personality. Who gets to program us? Are we looking at teh inputs, our influences with a critical eye? Have we read about the topics that affect us so greatly, especially the question of God and metaphysics?

Episode 2 – Atheism isn’t Real, deals with the famous David Foster Wallace quote, which states that adults always worship something, be it money, fame, or beauty, and any of that will eat you alive.

Finally, Episode 3 we talk about Hell and its various explanations, from CS Lewis to Richard Rorh. It’s about time we updated the Christian stance on Hell and I’m excited about it.

I’ll have a special section on the podcast when it launches. What topics do you want to hear? Please shoot us an email at and we’ll get that on the list. Anything that makes you happy? Wise? We want to hear about it!