Philosophy Anyone?

Plato, looking at you

Did you know you know that there’s a good chance that Plato read Moses? Or that the concept of the Atom predates science by thousands of years? My training is in Engineering and then Organizational Development. We don’t get much into the humanities, so I’ve had to engage the philosophy/theology track on my own.

I would like to take you on that journey with me. There’s a lot to the perspective that the philosophical, historical, and theological void I grew up in might be part of why the West is in such a precarious position. While we all can’t be philosophers, we all should know what the last two or more millennia have done to get us here. We’re plopped on this earth with a mountain of knowledge and work under us. College, some hold, is supposed to take us through that mountain, but what it really does is show us the range and give us a hook and rope to climb with (some might say with the focus on STEM that it hardly does that, but I’m not there yet).

I’ve been diving through YouTube, and some Podcasts, namely Steven West’s Philosophize This! and the School of Life. Both are fairly secular in their presentation so I’ll be blending folks such as Peter Ens (How to Read the Bible) and John Dickson (Bulles and Saints), to name a few. It’ll be fun, so thanks for reading!