Desire of the Everlasting Hills

For books that really hit, I’ve decided to process them a little further in my summary, so others can see what’s inside without doing the work. My goal for these is simple – to get people to buy the book. In that spirit, let’s get started. Promise, I’ll keep it short. Indeed, if you want

The Grind

Sorry for the months off – but I do have news that relates to the topic of grit. The first edition of my new novella, shown above. WOOT! It’s in beta, and I’m not charging for it right now, so if you want to understand how to get unstuck in life, get your goals, and

Happy Week 14 – Book club time!

March madness is done! Congrats to the North Carolina Tar heels in avenging a devastating loss last year. I fared pretty well this year – 4th out of a field of over 15 players. So the Tar heels are the best. You would expect me to talk about some sort of basketball coaching strategy or