What’s Going On?

The problem with blogs is that they have dates on them. 🙂 It’s 2022! Wow Blogs are a tough business! I know that last year I kinda (well, totally) stopped posting because I decided to focus on two things – my upcoming Kickstarter and my writing. Both are incredible timesinks so, please understand. If you… Continue reading What’s Going On?

Intrinsic Worth

This is a ~20′ Reniell Boat with the engine included, and I can get it to you for a low price! Just kidding. I took this picture in downtown Seattle on Elliott Ave, near the campus of Expedia and that cool Amgen Helix bridge that leads to the still-lovely Centennial Park. This part of Seattle… Continue reading Intrinsic Worth

Good News Briefs

I tend to share good news on this site (thus the happy) so here’s my latest find – Vertical farming. Far more efficient than regular farming. Who knew?

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