Results of one SPARC – How’d The Week Go?

So, last post I covered a simple version of the SPARC process, and here we’re looking at the results of the week on this one SPARC.  The image below shows what it was on Sunday the 6th of November, and I’ve got an updated version, done last night on the 14th.


Before After

Beginning Week

Sparc Results

As you can see I did some different things than I intended.  This is typical for my personality type, where I test as generally laid back  (low on Conscientiousness) and align well with Gretchen Rubin’s “Rebel” personality type.  (Its the most difficult personality type to create habits for – lucky me!)

Anyway, I’ll call the week a success on this front because I did get out and got some good results on the exercise front.  Since my handwriting is all but illegible, I’ve put a handy little table below so you actually read it.  The responses are in italics.

Situation & Possibility Review & Renewal
Situation: Having trouble finding exercise time,

Possibility: I’ll feel better if I can get into the gym and eat better

See the Movie “Arrival”


Moved to monday! 


Action Collect & Coach
1. Go to the gym twice Rough week for exercise!  Just tough to motivate a gym visit so I did a couple of sessions of yoga and went hiking on Saturday.  For coaching I reached out to and watched some of his stuff. 
2. Eat protein for breakfast (less carbs)   Got this done – this is easy when we have bars in the house.  Love the lara bars. 🙂 
3. Run 400  meter  Totally didn’t happen.  

Results Analysis 

So you might think that this week was a failure but I don’t.  One thing that really worked for me is that this paper was sitting out on my desk all week. Therefore when I went to do stuff at the computer, this would be a nudge in the right direction.  This inspired me to get off the chair and do a pretty aggressive yoga session.  It also allowed me to record some of the coaching I received for free by viewing Gary Vee’s website. I recommend it if you don’t mind a little language.

Its amazing what simply writing things down and leaving them out as an information radiator can do for regaining your focus.  What have you seen that works in your life to inspire you to do those things that you might not normally do? How do you think your personality affects your journey to a better life?  Comment below and share your story!

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