Summer Update – PNWA Conference, GamerSusan, Hurrah!

When June hits in our household and the sun comes out in the Seattle region, people hit the outdoors and don’t return. It doesn’t get dark here until nearly 10:00 pm, so it really guts one’s blogging time!  But we’re back, and here’s what I’ve been up to.

~ GamerSuzan – This one is a passion project. Our family loves board games and this site will be a testament to that, and a lazy-Suzan-like device to hold people’s games.  Check out the fun at (in work!).

~ I ran the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon and it was FUN!  I beat my previous time by more than 30 minutes (and that was like seven years ago).  Woot!  I’ll have some interesting blog posts on that soon.

~ Pacific Northwest Writers Conference – PNWA is an awesome organization and they put on the premier event in the Northwest for authors in the area.  I’ll have at least one blog post coming out soon on that one.

~ Travel – There’s been a lot of traveling in my family lately and there are huge lessons I’ll have up soon.

~ Agile –  I’ve been working on the site 

So it’s been a time of high variety but low focus and finish. But that time is done, and now we move towards finishing things!

I hope you’re having a great summer as we are here in the Northwest!

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