Happy Video Sunday – You Poked My Heart!

Hey all, happy to announce a new series here, focusing more on the happy than the wisdom. With all the darkness in the world and snark, we at HappyWisdom want to highlight the joys of life.  In this episode some videos guaranteed to make you smile.

  1. Disarmed by Pretty Girls – This boy is bold, wading into debating important topics like the weather, but was doomed from the outset.  I want to make a T-shirt out of every sentence.


2.   The Belly Flop Heard Around the World –  you’ve no doubt seen this one? Perhaps you have. Even so, it’s worth a re-watch. He captures the grace of diving so well…



3.  This one is a gem from the Jeopardy vault – a bloopers of sorts that is funny not only from those but for the varying stages and sets that the show employed. My, how times have changed.

4. Last one, this one on the Inspiration Side. Be like this little girl. Every. Single. Day.




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