Life’s complexity can stop your goals dead in their tracks

Hello my name is Joe Fecarotta, and welcome to Happy Wisdom, the site that will help you live a bigger life by attaining your goals while actually enjoying your life.

Companies hit goals that were thought impossible just a few years ago. We’re all amazed by the progress that has been made, but many attribute it to simple brilliance, a level above the ordinary person. How does Elon Musk say he’s going to land a rocket on a pad in the middle of the ocean, and then actually get it done?  How do Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon consistently push the envelope of innovation and excellence?

I’ve been working in the coaching field for over a fifteen years, dealing with some of the most complex software projects in the world. During that time I’ve learned a great deal of techniques that the world’s biggest companies use to deal with complexity and uncertainty.  These companies scour the top colleges, startups, and the most experience coaching and consulting out there to get the upper hand.   One day it hit me: wait – my life is complex!  Why not use some of this stuff in my personal life?

So I did.  I created and prototype many systems, my own planner, and this blog to communicate my findings  and experience in working with complexity.

  • Have you ever felt overwhelmed by life? With all the interconnections, both in-person and online, its beyond any of us to manage it.  How can we feel effective and connected in the 21st century?
  • Maybe your a Gen Xer and your in a career that has bogged down. Perhaps the flavor is out of it for you.  What now, in mid-career, can you do? You can’t quit your job and roam the world, but you still want to find that passion, that next Big Goal in your life?
  • Maybe you’re a millennial, and your path is opaque. The world is changing so fast – how can you find that thing and go for it?  In a “gig economy”, what gigs should you take?
  • Maybe you’re ready to retire ( or being forced to) .  What now, after a lifetime of doing something for a company?
  • Do you feel like your personality just isn’t fit for goal attainment? You might think yourself too messy, too distracted, too undisciplined, etc.

If you fit into any of the above categories, as I do, this community is for you. HappyWisdom mission is to provide proven tools and techniques to take your life to another level. HappyWisdom is where ideas, motivation, and a process to succeed will be shared and discussed. We are all uncovering new ways to deal with our reality.

Ours is a time unlike any other ! We can’t use ideas from the past. Day planners, Life Planners, and the such are stuck in the past.  We need to be agile in our everyday life, to respond not only to a changing world, but a changing us.  Everyone can make it.  We know that life isn’t a destination.  There is no “goal” where you say “I’ve done it!” and its over. Life is about continual self-discovery, about growth, and how you serve and get served by this wonderful life.   When we try to achieve that new goal or milestone, that heretofore elusive target, we will hit bumps in the road.  If we didn’t, we’d likely already have attained it.  It will be there that you get discouraged, stop your pursuit of happiness, and live for the weekends alone.

Alan Watts compare our lives to music.  We don’t listen to a concert for just the ending – we’re enjoying each song and each and every moment.  Goals are important, but they are not an end in themselves. Through wisdom we can find continual happiness; through happiness we can be open to wisdom.  HappyWisdom is dedicated to helping people achieve  goals, discover their new selves, while maintaining that ear for the music of life. How are you keeping your ear tuned to the music while fending off life’s complexity?  


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