TC04 – Journal Weekly Goals



Use a journal to write tasks down and track it

WHO:  You and your journal

HOW:  Even if you don’t maintain a journal, occasionally writing down and planning your goals and actions for the week is incredibly useful. You can use bullet journaling, LifeSparcs Memobook, or an off-the-shelf dayplanner

WHY:  Writing things down uses different portions of the brain than typing or talking.  Planning the week writing down the goals and actions and checking that plan daily will all increase the visibility and progress of the actions. There is something really edifying about crossing off a new item on the list.

ARTIFACT:  Journals are very nice artifacts, especially for future retrospectives. Make sure you save your journals so you can look back and see where the week, month, quarter, and year went.





  1. LifeSparcs – This is the only one that fits in your pocket, and tailor made for the HappyWisdom mindset.
  2. Bullet Journal –  This is the king of journal techniques, especially for detail-oriented personality types
  3. Volt Journal – High end stuff here, but some excellent products!