TC03 – Annoying Robot

Leverage an app and make it annoy the !@#$ out of you

Annoying is good – mostly


WHO:  Your device and you

HOW:  If you have a device, such as a smartphone or tablet, or even a digital assistant like Alexa or Google Home, leverage its abilities to be completely annoying.  Devices have this wonderful property of being 100% patient.  They cannot be discouraged and they cannot be offended.  Once you have your list, and your working it, track  daily by putting in reminders.

WHY:  The items we’re tracking and find difficult will need prodding, and nothing prods like a computer.

ARTIFACT:  Google reminders, the Due app, Apple Reminders, etc. Make sure they’re easy to use and relentless

GOES WELL WITH: This one could replace TC04 (Write Down Weekly Goals) unless you’re a glutton for lists. It should follow SC03 ( Mind Mapping).


Google Reminders

Apple list

HW Choice: Due App