TC02 – Check Out The Space

Visiting a site can tell you a lot about the work going on there, the leadership involved, and the “vibe”

Check out these two pictures below.  Think about what the one on the left tells you, versus the one on the right. What words come into mind when you see the one on the left?  Who do you expect to see working at the one to the right?  What is the space telling you?






These are designs for the new headquarters here in beautiful Seattle, Washington. I think the leadership of Amazon did a fantastic job making a statement and setting their culture with sphere design. They’re saying they’re different, we are the new, we are Amazon.  The other one looks like a staid bank or any other corporation. Cutting costs, efficient – that’s who we are.  The other? We work in freakin’ spherical buildings, baby! We’re basically living in the future, so catch up!

Before you make a big move in life, be sure to visit the space!  Go to that job you’re thinking about taking.  Watch their people ( don’t be creepy) and maybe grab a coffee in the foyer or next door. Spaces speak intention and set culture.  Space matters.

WHO:  This you can do on your own, but you might need permission to get into places

HOW: This isn’t about meeting people or “Sherpas”. This is more of an ethnographic study.  You know what area you want to work? Go and check it out. Spend some time in the space, watch the people do the work if possible.  Watch their body language. Does the space feel generative? Is there energy in the air? Who gets the good parking?  Try to commute there during rush hour? How did that go?

WHY:   Spaces give intention. They communicate what the business is about. Additionally, by experiencing getting to and from the space will make it far more real, and remove “positive projection”

ARTIFACT:  Take some pictures if you can, and journal how the space made you feel. Also check out the commute times and availability of public spaces


RESOURCES:  Coming soon