TC01- Prioritized Backlog

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If you came here from the QR code on the card, here’s your top three resources for this card.  If you don’t know what this is, here’s  a short description. Sparc Cards ©  are a distillation of practices that will help you Search, Track, and Engage in the opportunities in your life using industry grade tools that are proven to work. They’re best leveraged as printable cards, which I’ll send you for free if you subscribe here.  This is hundreds of hours of reading and integration people, distilled in an easy to digest format that you can fit into your pocket.  Enjoy!


TC01 – Prioritized Backlog

“Make a list, and put some stuff on your to do list”

WHO:  This you can do on your own

HOW:  After using one of the Search Cards, you might see something jump out at you, hopefully several somethings.  Think about what excites you about the search card process. What emerged?  What could be done this year?  What about in a quarter?  A month?

WHY:  Lists are simple and by leveraging time, we’re pulling this dream into reality.  Decomposed goals that are written down have a far higher chance of becoming reality.

ARTIFACT:  A list, perhaps in two places – one on your Goal Wall, and another digitally, with reminders. It’s the information age, might as well take advantage of it.  (Due App) .


“I think this is really important, that you write down all the things that you have to do, clear it out of your head so that you’re not using neuro resources with that little voice reminding you to pick up milk on the way home and to check to see if you paid the utility bill and that you have to call back Aunt Tilly because she left a voicemail and she’s going to worry and all this chatter – get it out of your head, write it down, then prioritize things.” –

Daniel Levitin, McGill University neuroscience professor



Idea Purpose Social Community Financial Physical Avg Score
Donut Shop 10 4 2 0 8 4.8
Book 5 3 3 0 0 2.2
Masters Degree 9 5 6 3 0 4.4



  1. Book: Daniel Levtin’s book, The Organized Mind,  is terrific.
  2. Goal Wall, is something you can find here.
  3. Gallup came up with system that they call Wellness(PDF Summary) of an excellent book that followed.
  4.  People write software with this concept, or better said, prioritize their user stories with this method. Check a nice short video on the concept above.