SC04 – Seek Diversity for Strength

   Diversity Makes You More Resilient


Diversity in thought and experience strengthens all Systems, including You!

WHO: You and others with different mindsets and experiences, of course!

HOW:  This part is surprisingly easy – just have kids, wait for them to grow to about twelve, and then start listening to them.  🙂  Seriously, kids are more in tune with what’s changed since you were young, but this is simply an example. What about those too young or who don’t/won’t have kids? Well, we recommend you starting easy – do it on your own. Check out podcasts of a political party you don’t  belong to.  Listen to that radio station that plays other speakers, or other music.  For example, I listened to my kids, gave rap a chance, and found Chance the Rapper.  It made me better by expanding my definitions.  Check out a movie that might challenge your mindset, e.g. Straight Outta Compton.

Note that I’m not simply talking about racial diversity, but cognitive as well. Of course that’s part of it, since I think we end up hiring people similar to ourselves, both physically and mentally. That is, people from college A tend to hire people from that college, etc. Find that “other mind” that is different from you, and even interact with said person ( I know, it’s shocking).  In my experience there hasn’t been a project that wasn’t made stronger by the use of another mind or two. The one I’m thinking of was a women from another country, older, with a very different mindset than me. Though it wasn’t easy, she amplified me every time we encountered each other. Check the resources section below for more references.

WHY:  We are prisoners of our own perspective, which you might think is okay if you’re happy, but there’s a dark side to complacency. Even those who are happy and fail to challenge their own assumptions are doomed to grow stagnant and develop blinders to the ever changing world around us.  Remember, you never swim in the same river twice!

ARTIFACT: When you work this item, you’re probably not going to need any piece of paper to remember it.  Experiencing the power of cognitive diversity and its amplifying effect won’t be forgotten easily .However, journaling perspectives that are different from yours is a step in authentically encountering and potentially learning from them.

Combination Cards:  TC02 (its nice to see a diversity of spaces) and  TC04 (Journaling)


  1. Hidden Figures: 
  2. American History X
  3. Imitation Game – Story of Alan Turing
  4. Group Genius, the Creative power of Collaboration