SC02 – Interview Sherpas

Asking those who have been there is way better than just making all the mistakes yourself

“One way to make predictions about our own emotional futures is to find someone who is having the experience we are contemplating and ask them how they feel…[people] made more accurate predictions of their future feelings when they used surrogates than by merely their own imagination.”  – Daniel Gilbert Stumbling on Happiness

WHO:  You and another who is doing what you want to do

HOW:  Find someone who’s doing what you want to do and contact them. It is best if the experience is recent.  For example, if you want to know what its like to move from Seattle to New York, or South Carolina, there are a lot of people at your disposal to discuss it with.  Changing careers and opening a donut shop? Find someone who just did it.

WHY:  People tend to create “greener grass” in their imaginations about a particular endeavor. Rarely does the mind include the downsides of a move.

ARTIFACT:  Either take notes, or remember the conversation, or keep talking to the person and make a good friend.


RESOURCES: Coming soon