SC01 – Write Your Headline

You are the hero of your own story

WHO: Alone or with others

“What we have found is that the more positive the question we ask in our work the more long lasting and successful the change effort. It does not help, we have found, to begin our inquiries from the standpoint of the world as a problem to be solved. We are more effective the longer we can retain the spirit of inquiry of the everlasting beginner.” – David Cooperrider

HOW:  Project yourself into next year.   Think about your favorite magazine or newspaper, and pretend that you’re having an article written about you. Maybe you’re on the front page or cover!  What would you want to see on that article?

WHY:  By projecting into the future, it is shown that people are more capable of thinking positive, ignoring negative thoughts or momentum stealing fears.

ARTIFACT: Piece of paper with “headlines and article”, a photo manipulation, etc.